Beautify NYC East 101st Street: The Other Side of Me

Featuring Art Direction by Tsvetana Dondero (Manhattan 2022)
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Students conceived the design for this Beautify NYC mural project in East Harlem. The title they chose, “The Other Side of Me,” is a gesture to the various personality traits that each student possesses but does not immediately show. The mural’s colorful characters and settings represent the many sides to the students’ personalities, as well as their vision of a happy place. While designing the mural, the students talked a lot about portals: portals leading to the worlds that they created in their minds through who they really are. The wall is a book of their stories and dreams.

Beautify NYC: 101st St. East Harlem

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Project Details

The Other Side of Me
Beautify NYC East 101st Street (2022)

• Art Direction: Tsvetana Dondero
• Contributing Artists: Marissa Molina and Nico Collazo
• 500 Square Feet
• Medium: Mixed media on brick
• Sponsored by Carnegie Hall, Beautify NYC, and Ascendant Neighborhood Development Group

  • After School
  • Community Mural
  • Exterior
  • High School

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