Flowers of our People

Featuring Art Direction by Fermin Mendoza, with Elijah Minton (2020)
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Artist Statement and Creative Rationale

By Fermin Mendoza

National flowers symbolize a country and its people, representing their culture, heritage and deep roots that trail back hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. America’s national flower, the rose, is also the official flower of the state of New York. Within their Staten Island neighborhood, the Stapleton Houses and Neighborhood Senior Center feature a multi-cultural community of people.

With design input from seniors, local residents, and volunteers, the “Flowers of Our People” mural celebrates this special community’s diversity. It features two prominent red roses on the sides of the mural with a garden in the center filled with an array of colorful and exotic flowers, along with images of people planting and watering their national flowers, sharing activities like Tai Chi, Zumba, meditation, children playing, adults frolicking, and everyone enjoying a beautifully diverse community garden.

Stapleton Senior Center (2020)

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Project Details

"Flowers of our People"
NYCHA Stapleton Sr. Ctr. (Staten Island 2020)

• Contributing Artists: Marissa Molina, Nico Collazo, Rebecca Heritage
• Exterior murals
• 400 square feet
• Latex, acrylic and spray paint on brick
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Debi Rose, NYC Dept. of Aging, Support our Seniors, NYCHA, JCC of Staten Island

  • Community Center
  • Community Mural
  • Exterior

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