Curated by Bio, Crash, and Sonic (2020)
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The “Wildstyle Coloring Book” (Volumes 1 and 2), curated by legends Bio, Crash, and Sonic and co-produced by WallWorksNY, became one platform for artists from around the world to contribute to our shared healing from the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Download both collections for free.

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Tools for Schools

During the Coronavirus quarantine, unleash your creativity with these coloring pages, and so many more free art activities and “Tools for Schools” at ThriveCollective.org/kindness. Share your stories, photos, media, and art on social media, and tag #KindnessBeatsTheVirus @NYCThrive and the contributing artist.

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Project Details

Wildstyle Coloring Book 2
Curators: Bio, Crash, Sonic

• Creative Direction by Kekoa
• Cover Art by Bio, Crash, and Sonic
• Featured Artists
Bio | Crash | Coraima Santana | Daze | Joe Pimentel | Julio Olvera | Kekoa | Kristen Hubbard | La Borinqueña | Larry Valenzuela | LAZOO | MadC | Nicer | Nick Walker | Nico Collazo | Olga Correa | Oliver Rios | Ronnie Robles | SONIC BAD | Shiro | Toofly
• Presented in collaboration with WallWorks NY

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