Harlem Renaissance HS: Reborn

Featuring Art Direction by Nico Collazo and Cori Santana (Manhattan 2021)
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Uniting as guiding forces, a lighthouse and phoenix light the way over the clouds after a year of uncertainty. Resemblant of its name, Harlem Renaissance HS reflects on seasons of rebirth past and present and inspires us to do the same. In a similar light and with the help of our students, we were able to pay tribute to the soul of Harlem that brought much light to its history and continues to lift its community in times like these. Many thanks to Harlem Renaissance HS for inviting us to see the intricacies of working with and honoring such an amazing community.

Harlem Renaissance: Reborn

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Project Details

Harlem Renaissance High School (2021)

• Art Direction: Nico Collazo and Cori Santana
• 350 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Brick
• Contributing Artists @kongsavage
• Sponsored by NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and NY City Artist Corps

  • Exterior
  • High School
  • Summer Intensive

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