PS 89Q: Tree of Life

Featuring Art Direction by Kristen Hubbard (Queens 2021)
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Let the show go on!🎈 In memory of two cherished teachers, this project stands as a lasting tribute to the lives and impact of Ms. Hamermesh and Ms. Walter.

It was an honor to share some beautiful and heartfelt moments with the community of PS 89Q in our time together. Drawing from the creativity and adventures shared by staff and students, we gather around a new beautiful tree for a special rendition of Balloons on Broadway. A magical night of celebration welcomes us with music in the air, aerial silks draped around us, and distant echoes of joy of a nearby circus. As a grand celebration of life, this project is an ode to living and learning creatively, inspiring students and staff alike to explore new distances of their imagination.

Tree of Life Ribbon Cutting

PS 89Q: Tree of Life Process

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Project Details

Tree of Life
P.S. 89Q Elmhurst (2021)

• Art Direction: Kristen Hubbard
• 585 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Concrete
• Contributing Artists @unlazyart @kongsavage @dyedinred
• Sponsored by NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and NY City Artist Corps

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior

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