Hope Oakland

Featuring Art Direction by Kekoa and Camer1 (2019)
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For the second consecutive year, Clorox sponsored Thrive Collective to beautify a youth arts and mentoring space — this time in Oakland!

The “Hope Oakland” mural includes contributions from two of the Bay Area’s muralist legends: Camer1 from San Fransisco and Tim from the Illuminaries in Oakland.

Hope Oakland

About URBANLIFE Youth & Family Center

URBANLIFE Mentors calls young people to a higher standard for life, and roots them as indigenous leaders in their communities. Since 2010, ULM has matured from a grassroots group of East Oakland youth into a city-wide mentoring movement. ULM nurtures leadership development through community and family engagement, social action, education supports, artistic expression, and holistic faith formation. In 2019, ULM secured space in the Lower Bottoms neighborhood of West Oakland to renovate and launch the new URBANLIFE Youth & Family Center to facilitate after school and summer arts and mentoring programs.

About Clorox What Comes Next Project

Clean is the beginning for so many – whether it’s a local laundry day, a natural disaster clean up, transforming a home or rehabilitating an animal shelter. What comes next is clean clothes for families in need. A bright and refreshed home for those who might have faced damage from a storm or are just getting back on their feet. Or the enjoyment of adopting a pet from a clean and healthy environment.

To continue their purpose initiative, Clorox announced the next phase of their Clean Transforms program — What Comes Next Project in 2018. Under this initiative, Clorox has partnered with organizations and individuals across the nation who are doing projects, big and small, in their communities that embody the transformative power of clean. To learn more about the What Comes Next Project, please visit whatcomesnextproject.com.

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Project Details

Hope Oakland
Art Co-Director: Camer1
Art Co-Director: Kekoa
Featuring Tim from Illuminaries

• Mixed Media on Siding
• 700'
• Commissioned for UrbanLife Youth and Family Center
• Sponsored by Clorox, Bay Community Fellowship, World Impact

  • Community Mural
  • Exterior
  • Private Collection
  • Studio Arts

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