Identity: I Am Mount Eden

Featuring Art Direction by Sam Wisneski (Bronx 2014)
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How 300 K-2 Students Create a Mural at their Desks in 10 Steps

  1. Three hundred K-2 students submit drawings that respond to five sensory questions: “In my neighborhood, I taste; I see; I smell; I hear; and I feel.”
  2. Parents and faculty review the drawings for common themes and outstanding images
  3. Scan images and create a composite design
  4. Deconstruct 10’ tall x 13’ wide lobby wall into 300 8” squares
  5. Transfer image onto the square panels to create a coloring book effect
  6. All students color their own panel using crayons
  7. Adults apply clear primer above the crayons
  8. 2nd graders paint on top of the base layer of color
  9. Assemble panels like a puzzle on the wall
  10. Final touch-ups before unveiling

PS 170: Identity

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Project Details

Identity: I Am Mount Eden
PS 170 (Bronx 2014)

• Art direction and teaching artist: Sam Wisneski
• Interior central lobby
• 130 square feet
• Acrylic on Gessobord
• 300 K-3 students
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera

  • Accredited Elective
  • Elementary School
  • Interior

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