PS/IS 30: Opportunity

Featuring Art Direction by Abby Walsh and Nico Collazo
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From the IS 30 Wildcat Newsletter (Spring 2019):

This spring, PS/IS 30 installed two new murals designed and painted by our students in collaboration with teaching artists Joshua Gabriel, Abby Walsh, and Nico Collazo from Thrive Collective. The “Opportunity” mural in the arts and sciences wing celebrates how creative imagination opens the doors of opportunity, and how the arts and sciences unlock that imagination. The “Resilience” mural outside the gym highlights the importance of bouncing back from adversity in pursuit of our dreams.

PS/IS 30: Opportunity (2019)

Wildcat continues:

Thrive Collective’s work at PS/IS 30 feels like a homecoming. In 2011, Thrive’s creative director Sam Wisneski directed his first school mural at PS 102 in Bay Ridge. IS 30’s own amazing art teacher Mr. David Askew brought students from PS/IS 30 to volunteer on Saturdays that spring. At the time, the PS 102 mural was a one-off project for Sam, and Thrive Collective didn’t even exist yet as an arts organization. No one anticipated that eight years later, Council Member Justin Brannan would fund Thrive Collective to work with PS/IS 30 students this year. Thank you to Mr. Brannan for making this possible through both DYCD and the Cultural Immigrant Initiative.

IS 30: Opportunity Process

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Project Details

PS/IS 30: Opportunity
After School (Brooklyn 2019)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artists: Abby Walsh & Nico Collazo
• Interior Hallway
• 75 Square Feet
• Acrylic on Plaster
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Justin Brannan, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Zion Church

  • After School
  • Interior
  • Middle School

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