Featuring Art Direction by Sam Wisneski Brooklyn 2011)
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“Good things can and do happen in schools. In a time when the arts and arts education are being threatened, PS 102 is demonstrating how important they are not only to our students while they’re here with us, but also to everyone in our community as they continue through their lives. Projects like this turn good schools into great schools and good kids into great students.” – Principal Teresa Dovi, PS 102

Fast Facts

  • 875 square feet
  • The word “Welcome” appears in 43 languages reflecting the school’s extraordinary student diversity
  • Over 100 student submissions responded to the question: “How does your family welcome guests into your home?”
  • 6 Saturdays plus after school time
  • 475 volunteers (400 to paint + 75 for celebration event)
  • 8 community partners
  • 5 financial sponsors

Visit the original Welcome mural blog to experience the entire project from start to finish, including the initial student submissions, design drawings, and a weekly photo journal throughout the process.

Welcome to PS 102

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Project Details

P.S. 102 The Bay View School (Brooklyn 2011)

• Art direction and teaching artist: Sam Wisneski
• Exterior schoolyard mural
• 875 square feet
• Latex and Acrylic on brick
• 100 students helped create the design, and 400 students, parents, and volunteers painted it over six weeks.
• Sponsored by Alacrity Financial, Paulino Development, Nyack College, Crossroads Christian Church, Gateway City Church, and Storefront Art Center

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • Weekend

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