PS 329: Coney Island's Resilience

Featuring Art Direction by Sam Wisneski (Brooklyn 2013)
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On October 28, 2012, Hurricane Sandy ravaged PS 329, causing $1 million in damages and four months displacement. One year later, 350 students, parents, and volunteers from five community partners painted an 825 square foot schoolyard mural, co-designed by 250 students and celebrating Coney Island’s extraordinary resilience after the storm. Watch the story behind the mural here. On this page, enjoy community reflections and the final portfolio of the project.

Principal Salema Marbury, PS 329

“20/20 Vision for Schools exemplifies what can be accomplished when caring individuals team up to leverage their energy, creativity and expertise to positively impact the educational process. Community and school partnerships serve as key elements of school improvement as educators continuously strive to create sustainable change. By promoting and encouraging community and school partnerships, 20/20 Vision for Schools assists educators with building a solid foundation for success. As trailblazers in their unique design of mobilizing students and community stakeholders through creative arts projects, 20/20 Vision for Schools gives true meaning to the African Proverb, ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child.’”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn)

“This mural reflects the resilience and the energy and the willingness of the people on Coney Island to get back up … after being knocked down to the ground.”


The story of renewal and rebirth. After being partially destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, PS 329 and the community of Coney Island came together to rebuild the heart of their neighborhood and celebrate the deep roots of community, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Directed by Brendan Bubion
  • Edited by Billy Soistmann and Brendan Bubion
  • Sound Design: Jacob White
  • Color Correction: Caroline Parr
  • Camera / Location Sound: Robert Pigott, Noel Woodford, Jacob White, Quincy Murphy, and Billy Soistmann
  • Special Thanks to: Jeremy Del Rio, Sam Wisneski, Salema Marbury, Students and Faculty of PS 329, Allison Munson, Mikayla Terrell, Issac Mbira, and Marco Williams

NYU Tisch School of the Arts 2014
Created in Collaboration with 20/20 Vision For Schools


Roots of Resilience

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Project Details

P.S. 329 The Surfside School (Brooklyn 2013)

• Art direction and teaching artist: Sam Wisneski
• Exterior schoolyard mural
• 825 square feet
• Acrylic and spray paint on brick
• 250 students helped create the design, and 350 students, parents, and volunteers painted it over ten weeks.
• Sponsored by Mercury One, Coney Island Gospel Assembly, Our Space, #ConeyRecovers, Coney Island Generation Gap

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • PS 329
  • Weekend

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