LRYOH: Love Where You Live

Featuring Art Direction by Michela Muserra (Manhattan 2022)
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“Love Where You Live” is the title of this mural, which we completed in collaboration with a group of youth in Harlem in September of 2022 during one of the Community Programs at the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub. We started the program with some in-class sessions that focused on the question, “Why do you love Harlem?” After some discussions and brainstorming, the students started to translate ideas into images of what Harlem represents to them, what they identify with, and what they would like Harlem to be known for. We had them focusing on the positive characteristics of Harlem that make it a unique place in NYC. Music was a big component, as this neighborhood is well-known for jazz and other art forms that flourished during the Harlem Renaissance and made African-American culture shine. Contemporary hip hop culture also played a big role, and students wanted to represent what Harlem means to them today. We combined all these inputs and created a final vision for this wall. Students actively participated in the production process, and this caught the attention of many passerby who interacted with the process. “Love Where You Live” is a celebration of a neighborhood where, despite the current difficulties, a thread of creativity still lays and will always define Harlem as one of the most unique and special places in NYC.

LRYOH: Love Where You Live (2022)

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Project Details

Love Where You Live
Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub (2022)

• Art Direction: Michela Muserra @miki_mu
• Latex and Acrylic on Wall
• Contributing Artists: Andrea Amanda @AndreaAmandaArt and May Bukowsky @Cera.Bella

  • High School
  • Interior

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