HSTAT: Migration Remix

Featuring Art Direction by Michela Muserra & Kristen Leung (2018)
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Welcome to “Migration Remix,” where students from one Brooklyn high school see themselves in masterpieces by Frida Kahlo (Mexico), Johannes Vermer (Netherlands), Hokusai (Japan), Van Gogh (Netherlands), Edvard Munch (Norway), Banksy (UK), Grant Wood (USA), and Keith Haring (USA).

In this collaboration with the High School of Telecommunications, Art & Technology, artists and students focused on reimagining famous works of art from different countries and eras to make them more representative of the increasingly diverse Bay Ridge community. The passionate group of students and staff worked together during many afternoons and weekends to cover the eight walls of the space.

Hana, a senior at HSTAT and one of the students who was especially dedicated, saw this time with her teachers and peers not only as a time to get to bond with people she may not otherwise have known, but also as a way for her to leave her mark:

“It’s interesting how many people come together, although some of the people don’t even normally speak to each other, people who even have gone to school together for four years and are just now talking for the first time when they’re working on the mural together. It’s actually really interesting. The project is somethings that somebody can tell stories about and say ‘I did something with this school before I left’ because a lot of us are seniors. A mural is something that stays put; you can’t just take it and go. It’s something you can’t really ever forget…”

High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology: Migration Remix (2018)

High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology: Production

High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology: Ribbon Cutting

Migration Remix also features homegrown teaching artist Kristen Leung’s first mural art direction.

This time last year, Kristen Leung @kristenigma was graduating @cuny Brooklyn College with a BFA in Studio Art, after first volunteering with @nycthrive as a high school student in 2011. This week, she cut the ribbon on “Migration Remix,” her first #SchoolMurals project as a teaching artist and art director alongside @miki__mu. As a “locally grown” artist who grew up blocks away from #HSTAT, here’s why the opportunity was so meaningful for her, in her own words: “That’s a wrap! At Monday’s ribbon-cutting we celebrated the very first mural I’ve had the immense privilege to imagine and bring to life with my team of awesome students, amazing artists, and support from #ThriveCollective. This creation was inspired by iconic works of art from around the world but reimagined through the eyes of the diverse community here at High School of Telecommunications and in Brooklyn, my hometown. All the bright talent, hard work, heart and soul put into beautifying this space has made me feel not only so blessed to be a part of but also determined to grow into the strongest art director and all-around artist I can be.” Special thanks to @nyccouncil members @vgentile43 and @justinbrannan, @nyculture #CulturalImmigrantsInitiative, @sherwinwilliams @crossroadsbklyn #wearethrive #bringartback @nycschools @nycservice @nycyouth Photos by @kristenigma @nycthrive and Harry Mena for @SunsetParkRailroad.

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Project Details

Migration Remix
School Elective & Weekends (Brooklyn 2018)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artists: Michela Mussera & Kristen Leung
• Project Management: Kristen Leung
• Interior School Wall
• 800 Square Feet
• Acrylic and latex on plaster
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Vincent Gentile, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Cultural Immigrant Initiative, Crossroads Christian Church, and Sherwin Williams

  • Accredited Elective
  • After School
  • High School
  • Interior
  • Weekend

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