PS 9: Welcome to the Bronx

Featuring Art Direction by Tats Cru (Bronx 2022)
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PS 9X: Extreme Mural Makeover (Year 1)

1st Floor: ``Welcome to The Bronx``

That time eight iconic NYC street artists transformed a school building in two weekends. Video by: NOE.


PS 9 The Ryer Avenue School (The Bronx)

  • 1st Floor: “Welcome to the Bronx”

BG 183, Bio, Nicer

  • 2nd Floor: “Bronx All Stars”

Andre Trenier, Daze, Marthalicia

  • 3rd Floor: “Global Citizens”

Crash, Giannina Guiterrez

1st Floor: “Welcome to The Bronx”

Tats Cru’s murals are located on the first floor near the main entrance of the school. Inspired by iconic Bronx foods, cultures, and places, Tats Cru’s design treats students and visitors to bright colors and artwork representative of the school’s and the borough’s diversity.

Nicer, who met fellow Tats Cru members Bio and BG183 in a high school art class said, “If I would’ve had people like me going to my school—add color and do something that’s meaningful—you know, I would look at the school system a lot different back then.”

BG183 also spoke to the importance of adding color and life to the school environment. “Whatever they see outside now they get a chance to see it indoors, so it’s like bringing the culture in here. So it makes kids go, oh wow this school looks different. You know, maybe now it becomes part of their life… it becomes a way to connect.”

P.S. 9 (Floor 1): “Welcome to the Bronx” 2022

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Project Details

Welcome to the Bronx
PS 9 (2022)

• Art Direction: Tats Cru
• 750 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Indoor Wall
• Sponsored by PS 9

  • Elementary School
  • Interior

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