Celebration Nation

Featuring Art Direction by Peach Tao (Brooklyn 2021)
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It’s a celebration! 🎭 Gather ‘round the table, room and screens because PS 6 is hosting a festivity for all! As a collective tribute to traditions old and new, students shared memories of their favorite celebratory activities. From fun rides to tender moments with our loved ones, PS 6 reminds of all the forms celebrations take during and beyond the holidays we know and love. With a group like this, even painting was an act of celebration!

PS 6: Celebration Nation

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Project Details

Celebration Nation
P.S. 6 (2021)

• Art Direction: Peach Tao
• 268 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Brick
• Contributing Artists: @coripoderosa @f.mendoza @tunameltnyc
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Matthew Eugene, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Cultural Immigration Fund and Connect Life Church

  • Accredited Elective
  • After School
  • Elementary School
  • Exterior

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