PS 34: Aim High

Featuring Art Direction by Peach Tao and Marty Medina (Manhattan 2021)
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Leaping into the start of a new legacy, Thrive artist Peach Tao teamed up with Marty Medina and the students of PS 34 to present the school’s new image from a unique vantage point. As an effort to encourage the soon graduating 8th grade class to make their mark, students were able to share their memories and offer their advice to the classes to follow. With this influence and Marty’s previous work with the school, the new PS34 Jaguar takes shape to honor of the 8th grade class of 2021 and encourage the school community to work from the ground up and “Aim High.”

PS 34: Aim High

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Project Details

Aim High
P.S. 34 (2021)

• Art Direction: Peach Tao and Marty Medina
• 885 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Asphalt
• Contributing Artists @minhafofa @mcmaniphes @urbanrussiandoll @f.mendoza
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Carlina Rivera and Abounding Grace NYC

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • Middle School

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