PS 102: Welcome Refresh

Featuring Marissa Molina and Peach Tao
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What we now call Thrive Collective began with the “Welcome” mural project in the schoolyard at PS 102 in Brooklyn back in 2011. This year, the school asked us to refresh the mural following damage from a recent building renovation that included exterior scaffolding.

Enjoy the original Welcome mural portfolio here, and the PS 102 Mural blog that served as field notes when Sam Wisneski and Jeremy Del Rio decided they should replicate the magic after Hurricane Sandy ravaged Coney Island, and ultimately co-founded Thrive’s School Murals program.

PS 102: Welcome Refresh

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Project Details

Welcome Refresh
P.S. 102 The Bay View School (Brooklyn 2019)

• Art direction: Sam Wisneski
• Teaching Artists: Marissa Molina and Peach Tao
• Exterior schoolyard mural
• 120 square feet
• Latex and Acrylic on brick
• Refresh sponsored by KG Construction Services
• Original mural sponsored by Alacrity Financial, Paulino Development, Nyack College, Crossroads Christian Church, Gateway City Church, and Storefront Art Center

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • Summer Intensive

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