Islanders Dive Deeper

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Molina with Romero Britto (2019)
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Collaborating with Nickelodeon

Our first mural collaboration with Nickelodeon celebrates SpongeBob’s 25th birthday and features art direction by Romero Britto and Marissa Molina.

“If nautical nonsense be something you wish…”

Led by Marissa Molina at PS 188 The Island School in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the “Islander’s Dive Deeper” mural design features original art by contemporary art icon Romero Britto alongside student art. Visit the mural on Houston Street, between Avenue D and the FDR Drive.

Reach High

Music and music video by PS/MS 188 hip hop students (2020)

Video by Eric Mason / Mason Jar Productions

Nickelodeon x Thrive Collective

Islanders Dive Deeper – Process

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Project Details

Islanders Dive Deeper
Fall intensive (Manhattan 2019)

• Art Direction: Marissa Molina, with Romero Britto
• PS 188 The Island School
• 400 Square Feet
• Acrylic, latex, and paint markers on brick
• Sponsored by Nickelodeon, with Viacommunity

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • Intensive

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