PS 139: "We bring this world together!"

Featuring Art Direction by Michela Muserra (Brooklyn 2023)
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The theme that the students picked was mainly focused on the meaning of diversity with references to cultural backgrounds and gender identity. One of the students came up with a drawing that said “we bring this world together,” and this quote became the title of the mural.

Each character is taken directly from their drawings, including some quotes they added to their sketches. A big theme that came about from their ideas was also the importance of following their dreams and encouraging each other to do so. Leading the parade is the cow from the school garden and the tiger mascot of the basketball team.

PS 139: Alexine A. Fenty: “We bring this world together!”

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Project Details

"We bring this world together!"
PS 139 Alexine A. Fenty (2023)

• Art Direction: Michela Muserra
• Contributing Artists: Tierra, Plushie, Chris Colon, Loretoh, Sydney, Andrea, and Emily Gooden
• 800 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Brick
• Sponsored by NYC DCLA and Cultural Immigrant Initiative

  • Exterior
  • Middle School

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