Welcome to PS 310

Featuring Art Direction by Naomi Kuo and Pilar Batista (2017)
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Thanks to the generosity of NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera and the Cultural Immigrants Fund, PS 310 declares to the surrounding community and all who enter its premises: “You belong here!” At the “Welcome to PS 310” mural ribbon cutting ceremony, the fifth grade student president stressed the mural’s significance: “We dedicate this mural to our community, which reflects different cultures working together.”

Enjoy the celebration and the completed mural.

PS 310x: Finished Mural and Ribbon Cutting

Approximately two hundred students from eight 2nd-5th grade classes at the school and sixty volunteers worked tirelessly to bring their shared vision to life.

PS 310x: Production

The mural design is a composite of student drawings. Enjoy these samples.

PS 310x: Drawings and Design

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Project Details

Welcome to PS 310
PS 310 Marble Hill (Bronx 2017)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artists: Naomi Kuo & Pilar Batista
• Main Exterior Entrance
• 500 Square Feet
• Latex and acrylic on brick
• Sponsored by Council Member Fernando Cabrera, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Sherwin Williams

  • Accredited Elective
  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
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