Digital Inclusion at PS 4

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When the COVID-19 quarantine hit, our School Media team at PS 4 pivoted to turn a program that was two weeks into the semester into a remote learning experience for our students. Working closely with school administrators, Christine Casado and teaching artist Vinny Arizzo of Projectivity adapted to the extraordinary circumstances. They maintained a class of 22 students, conducted eight remote learning classes and their students produced ten completed stop motion and in-shot videos recorded and edited remotely on cell phones and tablets.

Oddly appropriate under the circumstances, this program was sponsored by NYC Council Member Joseph Borelli through a Digital Inclusion grant, in collaboration with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.

Stop-Motion and In-Shot Videos

Enjoy the Student Videos

Filmed and edited by students remotely on cell phones and/or tablets at home. The playlist includes ten videos:

  • Is that a Dragon?
  • Toy Wars?
  • The Last Ice Cream
  • Puppy Adventures
  • Summer
  • Scissors Hotel
  • Claymation
  • Legend of Link
  • Are You Recording Me?
  • Mission Impossible
Film-Making Instructional Videos

Tools for Schools

The film making how-to-videos were developed for and incorporated into our School Media programs this semester. See additional free resources developed during the Coronavirus quarantine as part of our #KindnessBeatsTheVirus campaign here.

How-To Videos

Tutorials and More Instructional Videos As part of our #KindnessBeatsTheVirus COVID-19 free “Tools for Schools,” we offer these instructional videos by members of our School Media and teaching artists teams. Feel free to use them in your classrooms, or contact us to schedule a workshop. How to Make How-To Videos Thrive Collective’s School Media director…


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