RHYME & ME: “Tragic Milagros”

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“Tragic Milagros” is a song written, performed and recorded by participants of the Minds Empowered (ME) program at The Point CDC in collaboration with RHYME. Before working on the song, RHYME staff held writing workshops and group discussions supporting each other around the concept of love. In this song, we recognize that love is not always a positive experience, and we hold space to acknowledge love’s counterpart: anti-love. The song represents a play on opposites, hence the title “Tragic Milagros.”

In addition to the song, participants of the program created a zine containing student reflections, poems, lyrics and more.

You broke my heart and chose your own way, why did you x4
When I think of love I’m filled with butterflies
Exes and O’s you know child like
February 14th that’s valentines
Sweet tart hearts I want you to be mine
Feeling so sweet just like clementine
Talking all night hold up it’s bedtime
Hung up on the phone and you still on my mind
Reminisce on you and how you so damn fine
Take you on a date we dressing for the nines
Peeped you from afar you looking like a dime
Knew she was the one cause love is hard to find
Diamond in the rough cause the way you shine
The way you stole my heart know it could’ve been a crime
If love was a charge then I guess I’m doing time
Must be meant to be the way the stars align
Me and you forever girl we so divine
When I think of love it’s something like a drug
It’s hard to imagine that it came from above
You made me hate love I don’t like that
When you tell me you love me I fight back
They say love is blind I’m tryna get my sight back
I sent her a text but she don’t write back
The place I’m in is dark so I don’t have a heart
Now you want a restart move away before I bark
Lately I been thinking spending hours reminiscing
Sitting here thinking who you been kissing feel like you might go missing
Love is out of pocket close the backdoor and lock it
Working on myself no heartaches gonna stop it
I’m a just stay here, and tell myself okay
I wanna rip all your clothes out my place
And set them on fire with a smile on my face
And tell myself you didn’t need him anyway
Yes I let you in with a smile on my face
released May 26, 2023

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