Do You Love It?

Giving Tuesday 2019

Giving Tuesday 2019: Do You Love It?

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Do You Love It?


At Thrive Collective, that’s the standard. Our mission matters, our people matter, our work matters, our results matter because we love it. Lots of “its,” actually. That love compels us to persevere through the hard times, and makes the good times sweeter. 13,000 students and 150 schools later, we can’t stop / won’t stop working until and because the love is real.

On Giving Tuesday, there is so much to love! So many worthy organizations, inspiring stories, and generous donors. So many great choices.

We salute you all this year, all the great causes and champions who live on mission because you love “it.” Thank you for the faith, hope, and love that drives you. Most especially for your love.

And – if you love us – please consider a recurring monthly gift starting today, or a Giving Tuesday gift of any amount you’d love to share. We would love to receive it. We promise to use it to create hope and opportunity through arts and mentoring in public schools.

Thank you!

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