Local Newspaper Reflects on the Importance of R.H.Y.M.E

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Happy New Year! Here at Thrive, we are starting 2023 on a good note. 

Last week, Bronx newspaper The Hunts Point Express published an article highlighting R.H.Y.M.E’s recent work with students from the Bronx Charter School of the Arts in Hunts Point. 

The article, posted online on December 3o, 2022, went far beyond giving a simple description of R.H.Y.M.E. With elegant language and powerful testimony from R.H.Y.M.E Founder Randy Mason as well as Program Manager Kevin Toledo, the article not only delved into the origins of the program itself but conveyed the significance of hip hop in the education experience for young people.


What’s more, the article also featured R.H.Y.M.E collaborations with other Bronx youth (including with Bronx Connect and THE POINT Community Development Corporation). 

Check out the article to read personal reflections from students who participated in R.H.Y.M.E programming, hear more from Randy Mason about why he founded the program, and learn about the origins of hip hop itself! Click HERE to start reading.  

Thank you, The Hunts Point Express, for this wonderful feature! 

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