Jeremy R. Del Rio, Esq.

Executive Director

Executive Director

Jeremy R. Del Rio, Esq., co-founded and leads Thrive Collective (a/k/a 20/20 Vision for Schools, Inc.), a nonprofit that creates hope and opportunity through arts and mentoring in and around public schools. He also teaches youth and community development at Alliance and Fuller seminaries; and connects, trains, and mentors youth workers nationally.  He has consulted businesses and nonprofits on leadership and strategy since 2000; and co-founded and directed Generation Xcel, a holistic youth center in Manhattan, from 1996-2006. Jeremy was the founding youth pastor at Abounding Grace Ministries (1994-2004), and also worked as a corporate attorney at Dewey Ballantine in New York before resigning after 9/11 to lead relief work at Ground Zero. He has contributed to six books, including Deep Justice in a Broken World (Zondervan/YS 2008) and The Justice Project (Baker Books 2009), and his articles have appeared in dozens of publications. His two sons are proud NYC public school students and graduates.

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