“My Passion” – Music Video Debut

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R.H.Y.M.E x Renaissance School of The Arts

Ever wonder what middle school students are passionate about? Check it out! During our winter R.H.Y.M.E semester at RSA students learned all about the art of rapping, storytelling and songwriting. Students met with R.H.Y.M.E teaching artists Rob Ayala and Josh James twice a week after school for 12 weeks to write and record an original song and shoot a music video highlighting the things that they’re most passionate about. The music video also features Thrive Collective school murals by Marissa Molina, Michela Muserra, and Toofly. Check out the video to learn what students have to say about passion.


Renaissance School Of The Arts middle school scholars
Lead teaching artist: Rob Ayala
Project manager: Josh James
Beat By: Rob Ayala
Cover Art by: Rob Ayala
Audio recording by: Christian Penn
Video by: Eric Mason


Randy Mason

Bronx NYC independent Hip Hop artist (rapper/percussionist) Husband, father, youth educator/mentor. Thrive Collective NY Director. R.H.Y.M.E Director.

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