PS/MS 42Q: Anything is Possible

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Molina (2019)
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After a three-year effort to wrap the exterior PS/MS 42 courtyard with School Murals, “Anything is Possible” brought the artistry indoors in 2019.

Once again, Art a Catalyst for Change funding from NYC Council Member Donovan Richards allowed us to:

  • Provide 200 middle school students accredited, in-school Murals and Music classes for an entire semester;
  • Provide 30 students and 40 volunteers after school and weekend Murals programs;
  • Produce the “Anything is Possible” mural, a year-end celebration, and the original song, “Gifts > Guns.”

Enjoy the “Gifts > Guns” song, and read the lyrics here.

Here are the previous murals completed at the school:

PS/MS 42Q: Anything is Possible

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Project Details

Anything is Possible
MS 42Q Robert Vernam (Queens 2019)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artist: Marissa Molina
• Interior Auditorium
• 700 square feet
• Acrylic and latex on plaster
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Donovan Richards, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Art a Catalyst for Change, Sherwin Williams

  • Accredited Elective
  • Interior
  • Middle School

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