IS 117X: Celebrate Diversity

Featuring Art Direction by Naomi Kuo and Pilar Batista, with Obe (2017)
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For three consecutive years, Thrive Collective has proudly partnered with IS 117 students to bring public art, music and film back to the school building. “Celebrate Diversity” is the third mural produced in consecutive years. Ms. Jones, IS 117’s principal, encourages other schools in Bronx District 9 and beyond to partner with Thrive:

“It’s especially important in our schools when we have to meet a certain number of hours in the Arts, but are not able to have a licensed teacher in the different areas. I am confident that the partnership would be an asset to any of our D – 9 Schools. They can support schools during the day and for ELT enrichment.”

See also our past murals at IS 117: “Thrive Mount Hope” (2015) and “I Am Mount Hope” (2016).

IS 117 Finished (2017)

100 middle school students from five classes collaborated on the design and production this year.

IS 117 Production (2017)

See how student drawings get incorporated into the design.

IS 117 Design (2017)

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Project Details

Celebrate Diversity
IS 117X Joseph Wade (Bronx 2017)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artists: Naomi Kuo & Pilar Batista
• Guest Artist: Jason "Obe" Martin
• Two Schoolyard Handball Walls
• 640 Square Feet
• Latex, spray-paint, and acrylic on concrete
• Sponsored by Council Member Fernando Cabrera, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Sherwin Williams, Latino Pastoral Action Center

  • Accredited Elective
  • Exterior
  • Middle School
  • Weekend

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