Rising Stars by the Sea

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Molina (2017)
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At MS 183Q, Art as Catalyst for Change funding from NYC Council Member Donovan Richards allowed us to:

  • Provide 220 middle school students accredited, in-school Murals and Music classes for an entire semester;
  • Provide 45 students and 150 volunteers after school and weekend Murals and Media programs;
  • Produce the “Rising Stars by the Sea” mural, one recital, and two assemblies.

Rising Stars by the Sea

All 150 sixth and seventh grade students at the school collaborated on the mural project.

MS 183Q: Student Muralists

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Project Details

Rising Stars by the Sea
MS 183Q Dr. Richard R. Green (Queens 2017)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artist: Marissa Molina
• Main Exterior Entrance and Retaining Wall
• 700 square feet
• Acrylic and latex on concrete and metal doors
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Donovan Richards, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Art as Catalyst for Change, Sherwin Williams

  • Accredited Elective
  • Exterior
  • Middle School
  • Weekend

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