What Comes Next with Darren Criss

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Yesterday afternoon we attended Clorox’s Young Changemaker Panel with Darren Criss and Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey, and were inspired by the incredible impact that young people have been making in their communities through the power of a clean beginning.

Last year, Thrive Collective partnered with Clorox and joined together with 250 community volunteers to help transform an unused space into what is now the beautiful and bustling Harlem Hub, creating new possibilities for youth as an arts and mentoring center. For the youth in this Harlem community, the transformative power of clean not only brought this old space back to life, but also into a safe place where they can express and nurture their creativity.

For us, the #WhatComesNextProject came alive through our Harlem Hub students’ original song and music video, #TurnUpTheValue. Students had the freedom and space to learn choreography, write their own lyrics, produce a powerful mural, and create their own impactful work as #CleanIsTheBeginning set the stage for this success. Stream, share, shop, and learn more on how you can support at TurnUpTheValue.org.

For fun, enjoy one of our favorite Darren Criss showstoppers from Glee.

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