“Why I Thrive”

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“Thrive sees that potential in me. … If I keep on going with them I could see it benefitting me in the future.”


Students like KC are why we have partnered with the Harlem Hub to “Turn up the Value” this Christmas. Here’s what he said about why he partners with us.

“I was born and raised in Harlem. ‘Creative Monster’ is being a beast at something that you’re gifted with. So that’s where I got the name because I’m a monster at art and being creative. I do clothing, I do art, I do portraits, I do graffiti… all types of art. That’s why I would say that I am a creative monster.

“I want to create ‘YBG’. You would think that that is a gang-affiliated acronym for a clothing brand, but it’s really not. It’s ‘Young, Black, and Gifted,’ so I would want to do something with that too. I have numerous ideas I want to do, but I just need a strong foundation to make that happen.

“Thrive is helping me because they see that potential in me, they see that I have talent so if I keep on with them they may give me that professional and mixed media art intellect. If I keep on going with them I could see it benefitting me in the future.” – KC, Harlem Hub student

Thanks to the generosity of #GivingTuesday donors, we have raised $2,410 towards our year-end “Turn Up the Value” campaign.

Please consider a year-end gift to help us reach our $20,000 goal. Every dollar creates hope and opportunity for Central and West Harlem youth ages 10-24 through arts, music, and mentoring at the Harlem Hub.

A gift of $40 a month provides arts and music programs for students like KC for a full year. Every gift today, no matter how large or small, will allow our students to produce more music, media, murals, and dance like those featured in the “Turn Up the Value” music video below.

There’s no time like the holidays to make a gift that serves others. Will you make your year-end, tax-deductible contribution now? 

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact us.

In service,
Jeremy Del Rio
Executive Director

P.S. Help us keep the momentum going! Look for #WhyIThrive posts on our social media platforms and share these messages to inspire your friends, family members, and others to get involved. If you have given, please post a #WhyIThrive message tagging us with a note on why you support our organization, and link to TurnUpTheValue.org.

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