BLM Mural: Day 2 Diary

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I spy Marissa Molina, Jon Souza, Rosabella Garcia, Peach Tao, Dax Matlock, Eric Orr, Crash and many of our volunteers in today’s NY Daily News. Enjoy our Day 2 Diary, curated from Instagram, here.

We are so grateful to play a small role in bringing artists’ Tijay Mohammed, Sophia Dawson, and Patrice Payne vision to life in the historic Black Lives Matter mural in Foley Square.

Thank you Tats Cru, Manhattan Boro President Gale Brewer, and WXY Studio for the invitation to participate alongside such legendary artists.


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A+ FIN #BlackLivesMatter mural at #FoleySquare. Three blocks. Three short vids. Walk with us. Team #ThriveCollective was assigned the A in BLACK, and ultimately helped finish the K and E in LIVES as well. We also helped block in letters and drop shadows throughout. Much love and gratitude to @mcmaniphes who led the project for us and #SchoolMurals program director @minhafofa and Rebecca Heritage who crushed the portraits in the E. To @tatscru @galeabrewer and @wxystudio: thank you for trusting us to be part of this historic project. To @artoftijay @iamwetpaint and thank you for trusting us to help bring your artistic vision to life. To the all-star artists who embraced us: thank you for allowing us to create alongside you. @biotatscru @bg183tatscru @nicertatscru @Crashone @andre_trenier @orrdesigns @charliedovesnyc @Marthalicia @peterpaidnyc @artbygia @jamiehef @sadetcm @sienide @marklawrence421 @keydetail @peacheeblue @whippersnabs @daxtmatlock @coripoderosa @nycthrive #BLM #WeAreThrive #BringArtBack #KindnessBeatsTheVirus #nytougherthanever #graffitieverywhere #streetarteverywhere @nyculture @nycschools @nycyouth @nyccouncil @nycservice

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Day 2: The Calm Before a #BlackLivesMatter Paint Storm 3 Blocks. 3 Short Videos. Enjoy. Thank you @tatscru for inviting our collaboration. Thanks to the designers @iamwetpaint @artoftijay for their vision, and the artists bringing the vision to life: @biotatscru @bg183tatscru @nicertatscru @Crashone @andre_trenier @orrdesigns @charliedovesnyc @Marthalicia @peterpaidnyc @artbygia @jamiehef @sadetcm @sienide @marklawrence421 @keydetail #ThriveCollective and more. Special thanks to @mcmaniphes @minhafofa @peacheeblue @whippersnabs @daxtmatlock @coripoderosa @amy.lee.arts and Rebecca Heritage for representing @nycthrive well. #BLM #WeAreThrive #BringArtBack #KindnessBeatsTheVirus #nytougherthanever #graffitieverywhere #streetarteverywhere @galeabrewer @wxystudio @nyculture

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