BLM Mural: The Letter A

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Humbled to be featured in the latest installment of Your Neighbor’s Backyard’s “Good Neighbor” series, which highlights people who are using their resources to help others.

Filmmaker Jonathan Cortizo tells the story of Thrive Collective helping bring to life artist Tijay Mohammed‘s design for the Black Lives Matter mural in lower Manhattan.

Tijay shares what he hopes our youth will take from the mural, and Thrive co-founder Jeremy Del Rio tells why the arts are such an integral component of schooling, especially for children of color.

Co-produced by @erincortizo@domnom and @laurencortizo. Additional cinematography by @daxtmatlock.

Special thanks to @tatscru for inviting our collaboration, and to @galeabrewer @wxystudio and @nyculture for making the mural happen. Thank you to the visionary designers @artoftijay @iamwetpaint and the legends who made that vision come to life: @bg183tatscru  @biotatscru @nicertatscru @Crashone @andre_trenier @orrdesigns @charliedovesnyc @Marthalicia @peterpaidnyc @artbygia @jamiehef @sadetcm @sienide @marklawrence421 @keydetail @marthacoopergram @gzfotografias @mcmaniphes @minhafofa @jon143_ @peacheeblue @whippersnabs

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