Colorful Choreography

Summer Arts Academy, Day 7

Colorful Choreography, Day 7

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Dance and Murals, Day 7

Today was more of an organizing day where we reviewed our progress and planned what else needs to be completed next week to achieve our goals of producing an original song, music video, choreography, and a mural.

Flex and his skillful dancers started our session at noon with stretches to pop music to warm up our muscles, and then he went straight into practicing the choreography for the music video. Although it was a small group this Friday, it was no less enthusiastic. There was high energy, expressive dancing to Flex’s mixtape and to the demo of the “Turn Up The Value” song throughout the afternoon. The students had to adjust to the high tempo, high energy beat with paced practice but by the end they had the routine down solid.

Our interns continued touching up some more designs on the mural and added the skyscraper backdrop to the bottom in a graffiti style. At this point the mural underpainting could be considered complete and ready for finishing touches and details. 

The students had lunch held at 2:45 pm due to some complications with the lunch vendor, but our staff came through. They served an indoor barbecue with hot dogs, lettuce, tomatoes, hamburgers with or without cheese and chips before breaking for the day. Godfrey from the Hub invited the Academy staff and students to an extracurricular Jurassic World viewing at the movie theater across the street. It was such a good movie too, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

I can’t wait for next week to begin! 


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My story begins in Franklin Delano Roosevelt School in Lower East Side. I was a small little sapling back then, fermenting in a growing, warm community. I germinated when Generation Xcel began its mural ideas. Over time I flew on the wind to other schools to plant saplings and create murals through them. Likes: Outdoor activities, Painting, Basketball, Socializing, Superhero movies, Communal unity, Dislikes: Violence, Biases

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