Lights, Camera, Action!

Summer Arts Academy, Day 5

Lights, Camera, Action, Day 5

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Murals and Dance, Day 5

The kids showed up today and found a film crew from A&E Networks already set up to capture their every inspired moment. Yep, A&E was producing an “Everyday Heroes” feature on Harlem Hub founder Maurice Winley, and decided to film our Arts Academy to show the world the great impacts of his leadership.

Our morning session invited students to work on the mural by painting its graffiti backdrop. The filmmakers captured us drawing our own designs on Lady Justice amidst a fine tuned lighting environment that made us feel like professionals on a film set. 

After our Murals class, dance instructor Flexx brought the energy and again emphasized the most important thing in his classroom: respect.  Everyone stretched to the sounds of high-speed beats, before Mr. Flexx reviewed the current choreography set that was established on Monday. He then showcased two more moves for the class to copy. 

Today’s lunchtime served up a hearty meal of chicken, vegetable rice, and delectable corn bread. After having their fill, the students continued to practice their dance moves and memorized it all. Flexx used different songs with different tempos to help with their memorization and after a much needed water break, ran through the entire routine multiple times with emphasis as our film crews captured their enthusiasm. 

Finally, it was time to continue work on the mural and the students either added new designs or cleaned up their old ones on the image of Lady Justice. Some students worked on creating new vignettes at the bottom to be included into the main image at a later date. Finally everyone dispersed with our wonderful interns cleaning up and the paint on the mural still drying. 


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My story begins in Franklin Delano Roosevelt School in Lower East Side. I was a small little sapling back then, fermenting in a growing, warm community. I germinated when Generation Xcel began its mural ideas. Over time I flew on the wind to other schools to plant saplings and create murals through them. Likes: Outdoor activities, Painting, Basketball, Socializing, Superhero movies, Communal unity, Dislikes: Violence, Biases

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