Coney Island Gospel Assembly: Faith, Hope, and Love

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Molina (Brooklyn 2022)
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Three 18-wheelers that were brought to the Coney Island Gospel Assembly in 2012 for Hurricane Sandy relief never left the parking lot. So 9 years after the storm, Thrive did the only reasonable thing that an arts organization specializing in murals would do if it had 18-wheelers lying around.

That’s right: we gave them a makeover á la Thrive. Read the full story here.

The theme for the murals was conceived by Lase, a member of the legendary Tats Cru, a graffiti group formed in the late 1990s whose members have since come to be regarded as “The Mural Kings.”

In a sketch sent to Thrive’s Jeremy Del Rio, Lase drew the words Faith, Hope, and Love in rounded, unadorned lettering. Over the next three days, members of the Tats Cru Nicer and Bio brought Lase’s sketch to life while Thrive artists drew murals representing their personal interpretations of it.

Coney Island Gospel Assembly: Faith, Hope, and Love (2022)

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Project Details

Faith, Hope, and Love
Coney Island Gospel Assembly (2022)

• Art Direction: Marissa Molina
• Sponsored by Coney Island Gospel Assembly

  • Exterior
  • Summer Intensive
  • Vehicles

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