Thrive x Red Bull BC One

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Grateful to see some of the Homecoming Week murals featured in this story by WPIX11 about the upcoming 2022 Red Bull BC One World Breakdancing Championships.

The canvas murals are being temporarily exhibited at the Universal Hip Hop Museum‘s pop up space, and will be digitized for a virtual exhibition while the Museum’s permanent facility is being constructed. Thrive Collective originally curated and produced the murals last August as the live art during the NYC Homecoming Week “It’s Time for Hip Hop in NY” concerts. (Note: not all the Homecoming murals are seen in the PIX11 story.)

Congratulations to featured artists Tats Cru, Crash, Toofly, Marissa Molina, Peach Tao, Michela Muserra, Bianca Romero, RIBS GAK, CHINO BYI, LASK, AIR3, and our production team including Christian Penn, Samuel Colon, Joshua James, and Randy Mason! Congratulations also to b-boy legend — and Thrive collaborator — Kid Glyde, and b-girl icon Rokafella. Shout out to Greg Mocker for capturing the hip hop Homecoming story, then and now.

WPIX 11 on Homecoming Week (August)

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