The Cypher

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Harlem NYC youth come together to write and record “The Cypher”

In Hip-Hop, there is what’s known as a cypher. It’s where artists physically come together to participate in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. A cypher forms a human circle where everyone is visible and in it together–equally. It’s an in-person community that thrives on communication where everyone contributes–even if it’s just a head nod or a facial expression. When a youth group functions as a cypher, the possibilities for learning and meaningful engagement are endless. The cypher is not limited to rapping and can include extemporaneous rap, dance, beats, conversation, writing, or another activity. The idea is to employ the principles of Hip-Hop, which are peace, love, unity and having fun, within a cypher to encourage, educate, and empower youth.

Lead teaching artist: Rob Ayala

Beat and cover art by Rob Ayala

Video by Eric Mason

Recording by Kevin Toledo

Mixing by Christian Penn

Lyrics and performance by LRYOH Youth


Randy Mason

Bronx NYC independent Hip Hop artist (rapper/percussionist) Husband, father, youth educator/mentor. Thrive Collective NY Director. R.H.Y.M.E Director.

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