Thrive Murals Add Flair to Stella McCartney Fashion Week Celebration

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Stella McCartney celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop at its SoHo boutique during New York Fashion Week, hosted in partnership with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.). The store, located at 112 Greene Street, was once the landmark location of the historic Greene St. Recording studio. With a performance by next-gen rapper Kaliii, a special guest appearance by Lil Kim, music by DJ Will, and murals by Thrive Collective, the event brought together voices bridging music, fashion and art.

The featured Thrive Collective murals included: “HIP HOP” by Tats Cru (BG183, Bio, Crash, & Nicer); “New York State of Mind” by Bianca Romero; and “Made You Look” by Marissa Molina and Peach Tao.

Paying homage to Hip Hop’s American roots and its influence on global culture, the party honored the genre’s creative talents past and present, whilst raising funds for The Universal Hip Hop Museum. This was grounded by Stella McCartney’s own love of and heritage in music; she was thrilled to learn of the 112 Greene Street space’s legacy when she chose it as her New York City flagship in 2011. Greene St. Recording was an iconic Hip Hop studio from the early 1970s through to its closure in 2001, with legendary acts such as Run-DMC, LL Cool J, The Black Eyed Peas, Beastie Boys, Mos Def and more having recorded there.

In addition to the Stella McCartney Fashion Week celebration, Thrive Collective murals have also been featured at various Hip Hop anniversary events throughout the summer, including Hip Hop’s 50th Birthday Jam, hosted by the Universal Hip Hop Museum at Mill Pond Park in the Bronx.

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