Anti-Violence Mural at Staten Island Park Highlighted by News Site

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“Peace in the Park,” an anti-violence mural created by Projectivity and Thrive Collective, was recently featured on a Staten Island news site.

The mural, which covers more than 200 feet of wall at Rev. Dr. Maggie Howard Park in Staten Island’s Stapleton neighborhood, was funded in part by the Staten Island Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

In the Staten Island Advance / article, Christian Penn, executive director of Projectivity and operations manager at Thrive, said the mural was initiated in direct response to violent crimes that have taken place in the community over the last year, including an elementary school’s window being struck by gunfire in February, and the fatal shooting of Jamoure Harrell, a 13-year-old South Beach resident killed while playing basketball in the Stapleton park’s playground in May.

“Art can be extremely impactful and transformational,” said Penn. “After hearing stories from the PS 78 principal, Jodi Contento, and community members about the incidents…I thought it was important to focus on the theme of peace, positivity and anti-violence…to acknowledge and counteract the events that took place.”

Read the complete article here.

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