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“Beloved” powerfully exposes the lies and trauma of human trafficking.

It also embodies the power and possibility of “remote learning” in the time of COVID-19.

This interstate collaboration resulted from a Zoom-based networking session co-facilitated by Jeremy Del Rio in October 2020 for the CCDA National Conference. The conference was conducted for the first time in 26 years entirely online.

What started out as a thought exercise in collaboration, quickly matured into a very real video for a Bay Area organization that serves formerly sex trafficked women. The spoken word piece was written and performed by a graduate student in Colorado. The video was filmed and edited by a filmmaker in upstate New York. None of them ever met in person.


  • Dedicated to Regina Evans, Beloved Artivist
  • Eric Hauser, Composer & Lyricist
  • Gabe Triangale, Cinematographer and Editor
  • Benita Hopkins (1st Fruits Art Collective), Director
  • Jeremy Del Rio (Thrive Collective), Producer
  • Denise Williamson, Producer

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