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The Camino de Sueños that began in Detroit in October officially ended in Washington, DC, on December 5th. But the work continues to urge Congress to pass a clean Dream Act before the end of DACA puts 800,000 Dreamers at risk of deportation in March 2018 — including many Thrive Collective students.

Jeremy Del Rio proudly represented Thrive Collective and the 2,000 students from Grand Street Campus who wrote their dreams and shared their art during the actions in DC this week. Below is a sample of videos, media reports, and Jeremy’s own photo diary from the week.


*Please call 3 times to be connected to your 1 Representative and your 2 Senators.

Sample Script to Representative/Senators: “As your constituent from [City, State], I support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and strongly oppose President’s Trump’s announcement to end it. DACA has provided nearly 800,000 immigrant youth the opportunity to work, raise a family, and pursue their dreams. I urge you to support a clean passage of the Dream Act of 2017 (S.1615/H.R.3440) and do everything in your power to protect immigrant youth.”

Please also tweet your Senators/Representatives and @realDonaldTrump..


Sample Media Coverage

Photo by Al Drago for The New York Times

“On Tuesday, the dozens of evangelical Christians who gathered outside Mr. Ryan’s office bore boxes stuffed with cards on which young immigrants in their communities had written messages relating their ‘dreams.’ Several protesters poured the cards onto the floor as if they were an offering, then knelt, prayed and sang ‘Silent Night’ before being arrested on civil disobedience charges.

Cheryl Miller, a lifelong Republican who had traveled from rural Texas to the demonstration, said, ‘This is the first time I have done anything like this.'”

“Over the past two months, Christian Community Development Association’s Camino de Sueños, or Journey of Dreams, has collected stories and artwork from DACA students across more than a dozen cities at more than 30 events. This week, they are delivering those dreams to Congress — specifically, to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office.”

Their goal was to urge lawmakers to pass the Dream Act, which would protect undocumented individuals previously covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The “Dreamers” are people who were brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were just children. However, President Trump recently ended the program that protected nearly 800,000 young people from deportation. He urged Congress to come up with a new solution.

Photo Diary

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