Walking the Path of Dreamers

Camino de Sueños Assemblies with Noel Castellanos

Walking the Path of Dreamers

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Tomorrow we host @noelcastellanos from @iamccda for a series of #caminodesueños assemblies with 2000 high school students at Grand Street Campus, many of whom created the Rooted #SchoolMurals last year. The Camino culminates a week of action in classrooms to collect the stories of Dreamers and their allies in advance of December's Congressional vote on immigration reform. Call your Representatives and Senators and demand comprehensive immigration reform now, including a path to citizenship for our Dreamers. As Thrive Collective executive director @2020schools said: "The Camino captures the heartbeat of Thrive Collective to create hope and opportunity through arts and mentoring in public schools. The story of America is one of Dreamers uniting across generations to create a better world for our children and grandchildren. The Camino allows us to demonstrate tangibly what that world can become." . Art direction by @peacheeblue and @armordtribe91 #WeAreThrive #BringArtBack

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