Thrive Collective partners with Camino de Sueños to support Dreamers

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Pilgrimage heads to NYC engaging support for DACA students through art, stories and action

BROOKLYN, New York — With the fate of DACA recipients yet to be determined and the need for a legislative fix for dreamers to be taken up by Congress, the national Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) and NYC-based non-profit Thrive Collective are joining together on behalf of undocumented youth to support a legislative solution for dreamers.

Camino de Sueños, or the Path of Dreams which began on October 5th in the city of Detroit, is a collection of events around the country that combine art, stories and action. The purpose is to bring together the hopes and dreams of undocumented youth from local communities and carry them together to Congress for a national action on December 4th and for visits to Congressional offices on the 5th.

Since October 5th, over 10 Camino de Sueños events have taken place with more scheduled in cities all across the country from Fresno and Orange County, CA to Raleigh, NC, San Antonio, TX, Cleveland, TN and many others. This week Camino de Sueños with the support of Thrive Collective will host assemblies for the 2,000 high school students at Brooklyn’s Grand Street Campus, including Progress High School; the High School of Enterprise, Business, and Technology; and the East Williamsburg Scholars Academy. The campaign invites dreamers to create art, share their story and call the larger community to share their “dreams for dreamers” on index cards that will be carried to Washington D.C. for the December 4th/5th event.

WHO: Thrive Collective; CCDA; Progress High School; the High School of Enterprise, Business, and
Technology; and the East Williamsburg Scholars Academy

WHAT: Camino de Sueños youth art and engagement event

WHEN: Thursday, November 16th 8:30-12pm

WHERE: Grand Street Campus Auditorium, 850 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

“Art is the language of imagination that is not bound by our current reality,” stated Noel Castellanos,
President, CCDA. “Camino de Sueños gives opportunity to create space to share artistic expressions and our dreams for Dreamers. Additionally, it calls the community into engagement that supports a legislative fix that protects dreamers from deportation and affords them a legal and permanent path forward in the United States. Throughout history we have seen the power of pilgrimage to provoke justice and call for action. To protect the vulnerable and to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed, we must lift our voices and walk with our nation’s dreamers until we have legislation that protects their future.”

Jeremy Del Rio, executive director of Thrive Collective added: “The Camino captures the heartbeat of
Thrive Collective to create hope and opportunity through arts and mentoring in public schools. The story of America is one of Dreamers uniting across generations to create a better world for our children and grandchildren. The Camino allows us to demonstrate tangibly what the world can become.”

For more information about Camino de Sueños, please go to the CCDA website.


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