Dare to Go There

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Dare to Go There

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Pictured: Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter painting with Thrive students in the Bronx.

You can see it in their eyes.

In every Thrive Collective program, there comes a moment when cynicism transforms into expectation. When possibility overtakes skepticism. Students who previously dismissed themselves as non-creatives start to lean in. They accept more challenging tasks. And their eyes fill with anticipation.

We call that hope. Attainable, enduring, and transformational hope that grows from opportunity.

People often ask me why I lead an arts organization. That’s why. Our students will never forget that moment, or the immense pride that swells every time they see their murals, listen to their songs, or share their media. Thrive students create the kind of memories that recalibrate the trajectory of their futures. The life skills they discover while bringing a shared vision to life persist long after a project ends.

We entered 2021 expecting to increase our influence, impact, and income. By every measure, we exceeded those expectations — from launching replication projects in Dallas, Oakland, and San Diego; to producing the #StopAsianHate mural and live art for the NYC Homecoming Week concerts for the NYC Mayor’s Office; to serving 3,000 students at fifty NYC schools and juvenile facilities despite ongoing COVID disruptions. Below are a few of the highlights.

Dare to go there with us in 2022, by giving generously this #GivingTuesday and throughout the month of December. 100% of every online gift creates hope and opportunity through arts, sports, and mentoring in and around public schools in NYC and beyond. Thank you!

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2021 Highlights

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