Picture Perfect

Summer Arts Academy Day 9

Picture Perfect, Day 9

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Murals and Dance — Video Prep Day, Day 9

As the director of the music video we are filming tomorrow, Christine worked with our Murals and Dance instructors today to make sure we’re ready for our closeups under the bright lights.  To begin, our younger students and siblings sketched, and later painted signs for the music video. Our interns and Christine directed the kids to draw various statement signs and slogans onto prepared white boards.


Six signs were hand painted by our talented and aspiring artists, each custom made with their own personal designs that included quotes relating to the music lyrics or pictographs of value related slogans. Randy described the signs are invaluable and perfect in each of their own little ways. Our interns and media students practiced their filming skills with Christine and captured some shots to be used for the music video.

Our very talented Flexx returned for one final rehearsal before Christine shouts “action” tomorrow. After stretches and warmups, he ran the students through the choreography again and again to make sure they got the footwork down. He took them into the media room to practice with its air conditioner, due to the humidity and heat, something that I know everyone appreciated. Flexx at this point wanted to really test out our students dance moves and so he asked them to, “Picture the happiest thing in your life and take that feeling and emotion and put it inside of yourself! That thing is valuable to you right? Use it in order to dance.” Those five dancers rocked the routine over and over again, collectively and individually impressing Flexx (and me!) with the results.

We ended the day with lunch as our dancers were exhausted and our filming crew had enough to go over, enjoying Subway sandwiches of all types, including care for specific dietary needs. Remembering Flexx’s words, I expect this to become one of the happiest memories of my life. 


Valerie Freedom

My story begins in Franklin Delano Roosevelt School in Lower East Side. I was a small little sapling back then, fermenting in a growing, warm community. I germinated when Generation Xcel began its mural ideas. Over time I flew on the wind to other schools to plant saplings and create murals through them. Likes: Outdoor activities, Painting, Basketball, Socializing, Superhero movies, Communal unity, Dislikes: Violence, Biases

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