Raise Your Voice
Summer Arts Academy, Day 8

Raise Your Voice, Day 8

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Music and Media — Field Trip to the Recording Studio, Day 8

Today our instructors Randy and Christine took our talented music and media students to the Produkt Recording Studios in the Bronx to finish recording the “Turn Up The Value” song. Our schedule was a little backwards for the day, with an early lunch since the students would be recording all afternoon. Chicken Parmesan with crunchy lettuce and salad dressing filled everyone’s bellies. I know I had my fill. 

After lunch, we walked through Central Harlem along 125th Street to the 6 train. While on the subway, Randy freestyle rapped while playing his cajon Peruvian drum for the students and passengers alike. We reached our destination, and found Produkt Studios currently undergoing renovations for an expanded film studio. Randy’s good friend and Produkt engineer Joe helped us review the demo and decided that the new lyrics and Martin Luther King quote would be recorded today.


Our wonderful band of singers heard and edited the song in real time amidst an air conditioned and sound proof room with Joe aiding students with edits and software handling. I went into the soundproof room and you could hear everything so crisply without any kind of echo. One by one, and in groups, the vocalists performed their lines while their friends watched on, then listened to the recordings with two top quality stereo speakers. Christine interviewed the students about the song and its production and took lots of great pictures.

We returned to the Harlem Hub before everyone headed home after a very vocal day!


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