Bronx Connect: Peace Love & Care

Featuring Art Direction by TooFly (The Bronx 2021)
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How are we connected to our neighborhood? Bronx Connect knows just what’s needed to make that happen, and so do our friends at JHS 22 Jordan Mott. Our time with JHS 22 showed us how they are rooted in peace, love and care, creating a place for students to grow and further connect with their local community. All the thanks to Bronx Connect for allowing us to plug in and share a small part of your community!

Bronx Connect: Peace Love & Care

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Project Details

Peace Love & Care
JHS 22 (2021)

• Art Direction: TooFly
• 320 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Concrete
• Contributing Artists
• Sponsored by Bronx Connect and the community of JHS 22

  • Exterior
  • Intensive
  • Middle School

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