Studio Arts Director & Sr. Project Manager

West Coast Director & Sr. Project Manager

Kekoa has worn many hats at Thrive Collective, among them: senior project manager, longest tenured artist, primary graphic designer, studio manager, Bring Art Back guru, Kajukenbo sifu, mentor and friend. To date, he’s worked on 29 School Murals since 2007.  As Thrive’s first Studio Arts Director, Kekoa oversaw the move to our Harlem home in 2018, and managed the creative arts programming at the Harlem Hub. Kekoa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Silicon Valley College, and is proficient in various mediums including oils, watercolors, aerosol, acrylics, clay, charcoal and chalk. An accomplished graphic designer, Kekoa has worked with companies from coast to coast, developing corporate branding, print media, billboards, signage, merchandise, fashion, and more.