Rhymes Help Young Minds Excel

R.H.Y.M.E encourages, equips, and empowers students with Mic Skills and Life Skills through the art of emceeing, music and mentoring.

Why R.H.Y.M.E?

Hip Hop Music & Mentoring


They can do it again.

New York was already one of the world’s great centers for arts and music when its children transformed world culture with the birth of Hip Hop in the 1970s. They repurposed technologies like turntables and spray cans; reimagined uses for discarded cardboard; and remixed expressions of hope and opportunity. The results of that ingenuity: the multidimensional elements of Hip Hop born of young people, nourished in struggle, and cultivated in communities overcoming poverty. READ MORE.

Five x Five

The Five Elements of Hip Hop

… satisfy five core social and emotional needs:

  • A Voice (Emcees)
  • A Name (Graffiti)
  • A Movement (Breakin’)
  • A Community (DJs)
  • Power (Knowledge).

That’s why we teach them.

Meet Thrive Collective’s hip hop director Randy Mason.

Enjoy R.H.Y.M.E Music Videos & More

R.H.Y.M.E students write, perform, and record original songs; and produce music videos for distribution online, cyphers, or showcase events. Subscribe.


Love Over Everything (2022)

Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub

Tell 'Em (2022)

The Point CDC

Find Our Way (2022)

Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub

The Cypher (2022)

Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub

Turn Up the Value (2018)

Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub

Books, Beats & Bars: DJ Kool Herc (2022)

Bronx Arts Elementary School

Books, Beats & Bars: Planting Stories (2022)

Bronx Arts Elementary School

Books, Beats & Bars: The Turtle Ship (2022)

Bronx Arts Elementary

Believers (2022)

Bronx Arts Elementary School

Persevere (2023)

Renaissance School of the Arts (Manhattan)

Stand High (2023)

Bronx Arts Middle School (Bronx)

Stay On My Grind (2023)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

The Future Is Ours (2023)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

I Won't Let 'Em (2023)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

Can't Wait (2023)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

Way Up (2022)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

Hard Work Pays Off (2022)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

R.I.C.H. (2022)

PS/MS 105 (Queens)

My Passion (2022)

Renaissance School of the Arts (Manhattan)

Climb (2022)

PS/MS 42 (Queens)

Reach High (2020)

PS/MS 188 (Manhattan)

Better Options (2023)

Lilian Rashkis PS 371K (Brooklyn)

Us against the World (2023)

Harlem Renaissance High School (Manhattan)

Into Your Mind (2023)

Queens Preparatory Academy (Queens)

Better Way (2022)

Harlem Renaissance Academy (Manhattan)

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