P.S. 89Q The Jose Peralta School of Dreamers: Dreams of Queens

Featuring Art Direction by Michela Muserra (Queens 2023)
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Thrive Collective has had a continued relationship with PS 89Q since this past year when they invited us to beautify their wonderful school that was going to have a historical name change after the Councilman Jose Peralta who passed away a couple of years ago. Councilman Peralta serviced and provided his District school with many  resources to help bring clean cool air for the hot days and computers to bring in resources to the students and administration. The students have been excited to participate in such big project that they get be part of the starting process, concepting stages to drawing their ideas. As a team representing the School of Dreamers they decided what made sense for the theme about how they envision their future as professionals.  

The overall theme of the mural will include positive quotes that will greet everyone on a daily basis by inspiring students, educators, parents as they enter or exit into main entrance of the building.  One of the quotes will be bilingual due to the beautiful Diversity within the PS 89Q. For example the “Si se puede” translate to “Yes you can”. The Student Ambassadors were given the task to bring their imaginations to life. Each character was well thought out of the concepting phases of the program. Our students had a few shy ones at the start once their imaginations opened up it was an endless amount of ideas. This process was a great way to get them to work as a team by collaborating, debating images, colors, and shapes which worked best for the final draft for the Principal to review. The students are now eagerly waiting to start the painting portion. Art has given them an opportunity to test their Student Ambassdor skills to bring the wonderful diversity of ideas and careers their school provides as a path for their future education.   

PS 89: Dreams of Queens (2023)

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Project Details

Dreams of Queens
P.S. 89Q: The Jose Peralta School of Dreamers (2023)

• Art Direction: Michela Muserra
• Contributing Artists: Plushie and Joshua Gabriel
• Approximately 300 Square Feet
• Acrylic Paint on on Polytab Canvases
• Sponsored by NYC DCLA and PS 89

  • Elementary School
  • Interior

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